Miss Beth's Groves & Gifts

Miss Beth’s Groves and Gifts is owned and managed by Beth Boris Waldorf and her husband Edward Waldorf, who have made it their mission to find the best and healthiest Florida citrus for you and your gift recipients.

For three generations, Miss Beth’s family has farmed South Florida, and operated an agricultural wholesale business in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Beth grew up working for her father, the founder of I. Boris Company, started in 1954, and she learned firsthand which groves produce the best fruit, what time of the season is peak for that grove, and which of Florida’s family farmers are dedicated to producing the finest and healthiest produce.

Beth later became the CEO of I. Boris, still operating successfully from the Pompano State Farmer’s Market. They also offer other Florida Grove Products-made special by their deep commitment to providing the very best.

Beth and Edward personally visit and select the groves where your fruit is picked.

They know from experience which types of citrus ripen at what point during the season, and when the best fruit will hit it’s peak. They are proud to say some of the fruit comes from their own groves. Their love of the great produce grown on Florida’s family farms comes through in every box they ship.